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If you are looking for new switch or outlet installation services come to Climax Electrician Canoga Park. Because our electrical technicians are highly trained and experienced in the electrical field. So they will handle all your outlet wiring needs professionally.

We offer electrical installations and repairs of different types of switches, sockets, outlets and more. On top of that, we take into consideration the required electrical safety measures and for that matter, our switches are of high quality.

Our company have partnered with the leading electrical switch and outlet manufacturers. So our customers are guaranteed genuine and quality electrical switches and outlets. Therefore, you will not have problems with electrical shocks while using them.

Give us a call today on (424)266-8745 and let us know about your switches and outlets needs. We also respond promptly to all customer inquiries sent to us via our website contact form.


Our switch and outlets installation services include

  • New switch installation
  • Electrical outlet replacements
  • Electrical plug installations
  • Dimmer switch installations
  • GFCI outlets installations among many others.

Our electricians take time to advise customers on the best electrical switches and outlets. That are those who are genuine and last longer.

We offer GFCI outlets installation services

A GFCI outlet is a special type of electrical outlet that protects you and your family from electrical shocks when plugging into an electrical appliance. Therefore it is important to have GFCI outlets in areas such as bathrooms and outdoors. Because there is close proximity to water and the outlets. So in these areas, there are high chances of electric shocks. Therefore, having the GFCI outlets, will eliminate the risk of electric shock completely.

These are essential for a typical homeowner with children whereby the children may play around with the electrical outlets risking to get shocked. So don’t wait. Give us a call today and we will make your home, business or office much safer from electrical shocks.

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We serve both commercial and residential with outlet installation services

If you have moved into a new home, office or business and you are in need of new switch or outlets installation services, Climax Electrician Canoga Park has the solution for you. Our electrical company and our electricians are all well trained, licensed and competent. Our trucks are also always loaded with all the required electrical tools and equipment. So we will never keep our clients waiting. Therefore outstanding services are guaranteed to our customers.

After we are through with all the switch and outlet installations we leave your place as clean as when we arrived, but better. Our electricians also possess great interpersonal skills, they are kind and will respect you and your home.


We offer USB outlets installation services

Most of the portable devices we own today all use USB charging cables. Therefore we provide different types of USB outlet such as the single receptacle USB outlet. These are specifically for charging USB devices. We also have duplex receptacle USB power outlet as well as four-port USB chargers.

All the USB power outlets are environmentally friendly. They also only allow the amount of power that is required to charge mobile devices. This is regardless of the type of the USB power outlets you choose.

It is important to have the installation done by an electrician to avoid compromising your electrical wiring and mobile devices. Because it can put your family in danger. So give us a call today, we will have USB power outlets professionally installed for you.

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We offer competitive prices for electric switch and outlets installation services

Our electrical switch and outlet installation services are all budget-friendly. We love our customers and we would love to maintain them. Therefore, at Climax Electrician Canoga Park we will always charge for the job done not the amount of time the job took. Our customers can bear us witness that we have no hidden or extra charges in our installation services. Our customers also are able to access free cost estimates any time upon their request which enables them to do good budgeting.

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